4 Myths About The New Orleans Fish Market

April 1, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Fresh fish available at the New Orleans Fish Market.

The seafood industry has famously been a breeding ground for misconceptions, myths, and rumors. Similar to any generalization, these misconceptions are a product of vast misinformation. The seafood industry is one of the most wholesome and ethical businesses in the United States. Both farmers and processors alike strive to uphold a level of dignity and integrity superior to that of any industry. Below we debunk some common myths about the seafood industry in hopes that we can provide some expert insights to finally clear the air.

Farmed seafood is dangerous to eat.

This common misconception is a shame because farmed seafood is in some cases healthier to eat than wild caught. Farmed seafood is raised in a controlled environment where farmers are constantly keeping a survey of the water quality and health of the livestock within it. Aquaculture farmers practice some of the cleanest and most mindful farming practices out of any food industry. It is also important to mention that if done correctly, aquaculture farms can be beneficial to the surrounding environment.

Seafood farms foster a low quality of life.

Aquaculture farms strive to provide the most humane and clean living environments for their livestock. It is not in the best interest of the farmer to foster a dirty and uninhabitable environment. Providing a healthy environment that closely emulates the wild will ultimately produce a superior and healthier product. Producing higher quality seafood gives the farm a better reputation and ultimately more business in the future.

Frozen seafood is not fresh.

Frozen seafood is actually one of the safest ways to get it. Freezing food prevents the growth of detrimental microorganisms. Often, seafood processors will immediately seal and freeze fresh foods. In some cases, frozen seafood is actually safer to eat than fresh because it doesn’t risk exposure to high temperatures for an extended period of time.

Shellfish are unsafe to eat.

Properly farmed shellfish are some of the cleanest and healthiest seafood products on the market. The ocean floor is home to a wide variety of healthy plankton and minerals that offer nutritious food sources for crabs, oysters, crawfish, and shrimp. While areas of the ocean exposed to significant amounts of pollution and gas leakage from boats will produce an adverse effect on the water quality, areas that are free from pollution ultimately remain safe.

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