4 reasons why the responsible pescatarian wants sustainable fish to eat

February 27, 2021 at 7:00 AM
4 reasons why the responsible pescatarian wants sustainable fish to eat

When it comes to catering, we want the best of the best to be supplying and preparing our food. More than just the quality of the food, the environmentally-conscious pescatarian is looking for something more than just good seafood. At Tommy’s Seafood, we offer the best in sustainable fish to eat with our choices in oysters, crawfish, crab, and more. We offer high-quality products to ensure that you’re getting the best seafood available.

What is sustainable seafood?

Before we get too far into why sustainable seafood is the best option, let’s establish what it is. Sustainable seafood is both wild-caught and farm-grown fish and shellfish in a system of enforced environmentally responsible practices. This includes preventing overfishing and replenishing depleted populations. Keep reading to learn more about why this practice is good for you and the environment.

We need a healthy ocean

Part of being environmentally responsible is taking care of our oceans. These are the largest ecosystems on Earth and, like other ecosystems, can be extremely fragile. The fish population in a specific part of the ocean helps to bring balance to the area. If there is too large of a population, the fish can over hunt their prey and negatively impact other parts of the ecosystem. Not enough fish leads to overpopulation in the food chain, which can lead to overhunting or overeating and also destroys parts of the ecosystem. Eating sustainable seafood encourages ecological balance.

Supporting local economy

New Orleans is and always has been a fishing town. When you buy sustainable seafood to eat, you’re buying local and supporting the economy. This includes buying from local farm fish as well as locally-caught wild fish. You can feel confident that the fish you get from Tommy’s Seafood is sourced straight from the Mississippi River or the Gulf of Mexico.

Helping endangered species

Local fish farms and hatcheries work to not only provide healthy food for you and me but also do conservation work. These facilities are growing fish to help rejuvenate populations of endangered species of fish to promote a balanced ecosystem, which makes for a stronger food chain. This also makes for healthier and better-tasting fish when it eventually makes it to your plate.

Healthier for you

Big fish that doesn’t come from a sustainable source can contain high levels of mercury and other contaminants that you don’t want to be putting in your body. When you eat sustainable seafood, you’re eating seafood that is healthier individually, which makes it healthier for you. These fish are loaded with vitamins, proteins, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Sustainable seafood species are typically smaller and are lower on the food chain, which means the meat from these fish isn’t going to be contaminated with bioaccumulation. This is the accumulation of mercury and other contaminants that larger fish like salmon and tuna get as they eat smaller fish that have already eaten smaller fish. You can be confident that you’re eating the healthiest seafood in the food chain.

Call Tommy’s Seafood for catering

Don’t settle with your seafood. At Tommy’s Seafood, we offer high-quality food that promotes environmentally-conscious fishing. You know that you’re getting the best sustainable seafood to eat from our kitchen to yours. Give us a call at 504-271-9735 or send us a message via our contact form to learn more about our seafood.