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Frequently Asked Questions with Tommy's Seafood Inc
April 26, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Wild American Seafood - Tommy's Seafood, Inc.

When it comes to seafood, you deserve quality at an exceptional price. This is what you'll get and so much more at Tommy's Seafood. The seafood industry is thriving and this can bring up a lot of questions from customers. This is why we've compiled all of the common questions people ask into our frequently asked questions below.

FAQ 1 - What does Tommy's Seafood specialize in?

  • At Tommy's Seafood, we specialize in wild-caught and sustainable seafood. For the past 30 years, this has been our specialty. During that time, we've faithfully served the Gulf Coast and Lake Pontchartrain area by offering great-tasting, high-quality and sustainable seafood options. Our clients know that they're getting only the finest ingredients when they contract with us.

FAQ 2 - What workshops does Tommy's Seafood have?

  • We're a Gulf seafood processor that has a 30,000 square foot factory, which we've divided up into several workshops. These workshops cover wild-caught and head-off or head-on shrimp, live and cleaned frozen blue crab, shrimp cakes, crab cakes, sauces, entrees, oyster shucked and shell-stock, shucked oyster meat production and much more.

FAQ 3 - What sets your freezing process apart?

  • Improper freezing can compromise the quality of the seafood, and this is why Tommy perfected his freezing method over a decade ago. We freeze our seafood at -90°F in minutes instead of hours, and this enables all of the seafood we process and ship to retain its flavor incredibly well.

FAQ 4 - Do we get our seafood from reputable sources?

  • Absolutely! Since we've been in the seafood industry for over 30 years, we've used this time to build a reputable and dependable network of high-quality seafood sources. These sources extend all along the Gulf Coast to around Lake Pontchartrain and way up the Mississippi River. This practice also helps us to keep our prices relatively stable for our customers.

FAQ 5 - Why partner with suppliers who use sustainable fishing methods?

  • Seafood is our passion and our legacy at Tommy's Seafood, and we want there to be more than enough for future generations to fall in love with and enjoy. Every fishing operation we partner with practices sustainable fishing methods. This helps to ensure that there will always be enough seafood available.

FAQ 6 - How fresh is the seafood from Tommy's Seafood?

  • We take great pride in the freshness of the seafood we offer at Tommy's Seafood. We make it as close as from the water to your plate as possible. Also, since we minimize the time your seafood is unfrozen for processing, this works to ensure that our products are some of the freshest available on the market today!

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