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Seasonal catches to buy from your New Orleans fishmonger
June 10, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Wild American Seafood - Tommy's Seafood, Inc.

Few experiences beat buying freshly caught fish from your New Orleans fishmonger. Once they’ve made their way to your kitchen, you can create a delectable dish that’s both tasty and healthy. If you want to get the most out of your dining experience, it’s worth learning more about which catches are in season when you choose us as your New Orleans fishmongers.

The best winter catches from a New Orleans fishmonger

If you love feasting on oysters, you’ll be pleased to learn that we catch and sell them throughout the year. However, the Tommy’s Seafood team has found that they’re particularly plump and juicy during the winter, especially in December and January. We also find that oysters draw their characteristic flavor from the waters they’re caught in. As such, whether you eat yours undressed or you love a dash of tobacco, we recommend trying the different types we have to sell.

Other winter fish and seafood options to look out for include:


Again, like most great New Orleans fishmongers, we’ll sell crab throughout the year. But our experience also tells us that crab is particularly flavorful when caught during January and February. As a key ingredient in plenty of Cajun and Creole dishes, this is a catch that’s perfect for creating hearty winter meals that’ll keep you warm through to the summer months.


Although we’re including crawfish among our winter catches, it’s worth knowing that you can enjoy them during the spring and early summer months too. As the official state crustacean of Louisiana, crawfish is perfect in pies, gumbo, and lots of other dishes. It takes well to a host of seasonings, making it ideal for experimenting with during your cooking adventures. It’s cost-effective, too, making it a winner when you want to enjoy tasty fish but you’re on a budget.

Spring and summertime fish in New Orleans

Spring and summer are perfect for barbecues. Additionally, fish and shellfish lend themselves well to the tasty dishes that many of us enjoy during the summer months. As seasoned New Orleans fishmongers, we recommend trying some of the following:


With a little over a handful of varieties existing within Louisiana’s waters, shrimp is a firm favorite among many of our customers. Additionally, a lot of the shrimp you see in stores has been caught in Louisiana’s waters. We have an abundance of it throughout the state and the peak season takes place between May and September. Whether you choose to grill yours with Cajun spices or grill it outdoors, we’re confident you’ll love what we’re selling.

Mahi Mahi

When you’re looking for a sweet tasting fish, you can’t go wrong with some of our freshly caught Mahi Mahi. It’s the type of fish that’ll remind you of the time you spend on vacation, and it requires very little seasoning to taste great. Mahi Mahi production is at its peak during May and June, so don’t miss out on your chance to grab some for your barbecue.

Yellowfin tuna

Whether you love tuna as a super-healthy steak substitute or you’re trying to create an upmarket Nicoise salad, you’ll love the yellowfin tuna that comes from Louisiana’s waters. We recommend searing yours until it’s cooked to your liking or chargrilling it to give it some extra flavor. We catch our best yellowfin tuna between June and October.

As dedicated New Orleans fishmongers, we want to help you get more from your dining experiences. By buying fish within season, you’ll enjoy the freshest fish possible. To learn more about what we do and the type of fish we have available, call 504-271-9735.