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When Traveling, Should You Go to a Chain or Local Restaurant?
August 5, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Wild American Seafood - Tommy's Seafood, Inc.

When groups of friends, family, business colleagues or others travel together, the discussion inevitably happens: Where should we go to get a bite to eat? Where can we get the juiciest steaks, the best crawfish, or the tastiest desserts?

Some people insist that they want familiarity when on the road. Others channel their spirit of adventure into trying out new and exciting food options with local cuisine. While both choices may offer delicious food and an enjoyable experience, what should you do when out on the road and hungry?

Chain Restaurants Are a Safe Choice

Those who argue in favor of a chain restaurant represent the kind of people who always go for the sure thing. On the road especially, they do not want to take risks. Feeding yourself takes an investment of time and money. Why take a risk on something that may fall short of taste and dining experience expectations?

Local Restaurants Offer More Than Just Food

Going to a local restaurant involves more than just ordering up a meal, paying, and leaving. Eating local represents one of the best ways to immerse yourself into a new place. You get to enjoy the people, the sights, and, of course, the tastes of wherever you have traveled. Every place has its own favorite food establishment. Going there helps you to learn more, wherever you happen to be.

You will also discover more about even familiar food through regional preferences and individual family recipes. The Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River valley regions have their unique way of preparing and seasoning shrimp. Southern and Midwestern regions perpetually pontificate on their own style of barbeque sauce. Everyone has their own favorite way to eat hot dogs, although when in DC order the half smokes, thank you very much!

It’s No Risk to Take a Chance On Local Food

Maybe in times past, trying out a local eatery posed a risk. Not in the digital age. Hours before you even want to eat a meal, you can check out local restaurants on the internet. Online reviews provide blunt advice on whether or not to eat there. They indicate the quality of the food, cleanliness of the establishment, and other features that can help you make an informed choice.

Furthermore, the local food movement has helped locally owned establishments in a number of areas take advantage of locally produced fare. In farm country, the steak on your plate could have been raised just down the road, vegetables in your salad or side dish may have grown on the beautiful farm you passed while coming into town. 

When you get close to the coast, surf the web for delicious local seafood restaurants. Seafood especially tastes best when locally caught and served up by local chefs who take pride in their craft. We guarantee this is where you'll find superior tasting shrimp, the best crawfish, and the freshest fish.

You have every reason to look for exciting and unique local fare over that of the same chains that grace interstate exits near your hometown. Make sure and stop into a local food establishment next time you take a road trip.