Responsible consumption with an American seafood company

June 12, 2023 at 2:00 PM
Image of someone working for an American seafood company catching fish.

When it comes to what you eat, responsible consumption means more than just maintaining a balanced diet. With concerns around ocean health, carbon footprint, and ethical sourcing, seafood consumers now face the challenge of ensuring their choices support the environment.

How and where you source your seafood is crucial. By selecting the right American seafood company, you can eat responsibly and sustainably without sacrificing the rich flavors of the sea.

Benefits of eating responsibly sourced seafood

For environmentally conscious diners who love seafood, how products are harvested significantly affects your ecological footprint.

Responsibly sourced seafood ensures it's had minimal impact on marine ecosystems. Choosing companies like Tommy's Seafood that prioritize sustainability means supporting practices prioritizing healthy ocean populations and habitats.

When shrimp and crabs are wild-caught, it prevents overfishing or disruption of the natural life cycle of these species, promoting balanced marine biodiversity.

Tommy's innovative CO2 freezing process at -90° F retains seafood quality while reducing energy usage, further enhancing sustainability.

Downsides of farm-raised seafood

While farm-raised seafood might seem like a solution to overfishing, it comes with its own problems. Aquaculture can lead to issues such as:

  • Water pollution
  • Habitat destruction
  • Spread of disease

Any one of these issues can disrupt delicate marine ecosystems, and farmed fish may be susceptible to all three.

As an American seafood company, Tommy's practices responsible harvesting of seafood in the wild, including shrimp, blue crab, and oysters from the waters around Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf Coast.

This method helps maintain the natural balance of the marine environment, offering a healthier and more eco-friendly choice for seafood lovers.

How technology improves sustainable seafood processing

Harnessing technology to process seafood has immense potential to improve sustainability and quality. Advanced techniques like rapid CO2 freezing, used by Tommy's Seafood, ensure the preservation of texture and flavor with minimal energy consumption.

The rapid freezing technique also significantly reduces energy consumption and waste, reinforcing the company's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our approach sets us apart in the seafood industry. By freezing seafood at -90° F within minutes, not hours, it effectively locks in peak flavor, maintaining excellent texture and ensuring optimal freshness.

Our technology is crucial in minimizing the environmental impact and providing customers with seafood while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

How to choose a trustworthy seafood supplier

One of the most critical steps in eco-conscious eating is recognizing a trustworthy seafood supplier. Look for:

  • Transparency in their sourcing and processing methods
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations

With over thirty years of experience in providing sustainably sourced seafood, Tommy's Seafood checks all these boxes. We adhere to the highest industry standards, use state-of-the-art processing methods, and have a deep commitment to responsible seafood harvesting.

Tommy's Seafood is an American seafood company dedicated to sustainability

Tommy's Seafood offers a wide range of responsibly sourced seafood products and works tirelessly to ensure the highest quality. Our meticulous handling, from catching the seafood through processing and packaging, guarantees our products are fresh, delicious, and eco-friendly.

Tommy's Seafood custom packs products according to your specifications and offers R&D services to assist at your customer level. We provide a comprehensive solution for those looking to eat responsibly and contribute to a sustainable future for our oceans.

Contact Tommy's Seafood to source products from an American seafood company dedicated to responsible harvesting.

Making responsible food choices doesn't mean you compromising on taste or quality.

Tommy's Seafood offers a diverse range of flavorful seafood products backed by the highest standards for sourcing and processing with the utmost respect for the environment. Start your journey towards responsible seafood consumption today; contact Tommy's Seafood to place your order.