Why Sustainable Bayou Seafood Companies are Better Suppliers

November 11, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Image of three crabs in a skillet, sourced from Bayou seafood company.

When you serve seafood in your restaurant, you face tough choices between invasive and overfished species. While people may look for salmon, tuna, and swordfish on a menu, demand from restaurants and grocery stores can devastate local ecosystems. Invasive species often called “trash” fish, like pollock, triggerfish, lionfish, sheepshead, are more affordable but can be harder to sell. However, there’s an alternative to overfishing and trash fish, which is partnering with a sustainable seafood processor like Tommy’s Seafood.

What is a sustainable Bayou seafood company?

Fishers catch sustainable seafood in a way that preserves the species for the future. Many popular species–such as salmon and tuna–are overfished in a way that’s affecting their numbers in the wild.

When a fisher receives the MSC Fisheries Standard for sustainable fishing, it means three things:

  1. They support healthy populations of fish.
  2. They minimize their impact on the marine environment.
  3. They only fish in areas with effective, responsive, and responsible management.

Using a sustainable seafood processor who works with providers they trust, you can offer your customers and guests the seafood they love without damaging the environment.

Let customers know you’re serving wild-caught and sustainable seafood.

Restaurant and grocery customers are becoming more involved with where their food comes from and its environmental impact. Not only do they look for sustainable offerings, but they’re also willing to pay more for them. By advertising you offer wild-caught and sustainable menu options, environmentally conscious customers will be more likely to order them.

You’ll also be raising awareness about how important it is to know where food comes from–whether it’s local or sustainable.

Be a trend-setter in your community.

American seafood is crucial for the economy. Harvesting from the nutrient-rich Gulf of Mexico has a twofold benefit of supplying your customers with delicious wild-caught seafood while bringing valuable money to the stewards of the fishing industry in Lake Pontchartrain, the Mississippi River, and Bayou Bienvenue.

When your guests and customers see it’s possible to get delicious sustainable seafood caught in the U.S., they’ll ask for the same products in grocery stores and other restaurants. By working with a sustainable seafood provider, you can lead your community to a fishing option that benefits the U.S. economy, local fishers, and the Gulf ecosystem.

Choose the right supplier for your store or restaurant.

When you work with a proactive Bayou seafood company committed to being an environmental steward with generations of experience in the industry–like Tommy’s–they know the people who are catching the seafood. You don’t have to spend time researching sustainable options from multiple suppliers, but can trust a processor to deliver high-quality products with every order.

Choosing a dedicated processor, who knows both the seafood industry and the food and beverage industry, means you never have to worry about the environmental impact of your menu.

Partner with Tommy’s Seafood, a Bayou seafood company, for wild-caught, sustainable seafood, and more into your restaurant.

Tommy’s Seafood works hard to provide our clients with affordable prices, no matter what’s happening in the food industry. We use a proprietary freezing technology to lock in freshness just minutes after the seafood is caught. That way, we ensure we deliver high-quality food with optimal flavor to our partners. We operate a 30,000 square foot warehouse in the Gulf, divided into workshops for our seafood offerings. Meaning we can custom package your seafood with your brand’s specifications for not only unparalleled quality but exceptional service.

Become a customer and find out more about the wild-caught seafood we can provide for your restaurant, including head-on shrimp, blue crab, and shucked oysters. We also offer processed foods, including crab and shrimp cakes.