What restaurants should know about Louisiana wholesale crabs

May 31, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A picture of wholesale crab legs you can buy at Louisiana.

If you are a restaurant considering purchasing wholesale crabs in Louisiana, it is difficult to know what to look for and how to get started. Fortunately, at Tommy’s Seafood, we are here to help. With over 30 years of experience catching wild, American, sustainable shellfish and bivalves, we have supplied restaurants with delicious and fresh seafood for decades. More importantly, we are proud to be a part of a rich tradition and heritage that’s more than a business; it’s a way of life.

Here’s what restaurants should know about buying wholesale crabs:

What is wholesale?

Buying wholesale crabs in Louisiana enables you to purchase them at a discounted rate for larger quantities.

Buying crabs wholesale enables restaurants to source quality, sustainable foods at a lower cost to make more of a profit. Wholesale crab purchases are made in bulk and enable you to purchase them at a lower price.

Ultimately, buying wholesale crabs in Louisiana is more than buying in bulk. Buying these wholesale crabs is supporting and participating in the rich tradition of seafood that elevates every dish you include them in.

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale crabs, at Tommy’s Seafood, we are the premier supplier of fresh seafood that carries on an unmatched heritage.

Benefits of buying wholesale crabs

One of the most important benefits of purchasing wholesale crabs in Louisiana is that you can cheaply source large quantities of quality seafood.

More importantly, if you ensure you purchase from a source that procures quality seafood, you can acquire premium, fresh crabs to sell at higher prices to maximize your profits while saving money. Ultimately, purchasing wholesale ensures you receive fresh, quality seafood without unnecessary delays.

Plus, purchasing wholesale offers critical convenience. If you own a restaurant, you have enough on your plate. Purchasing in bulk from a reputable wholesaler also eliminates running around to find and purchase fresh products. This hassle is particularly true of seafood because finding and purchasing the freshest seafood typically requires getting up incredibly early and going out of your way to markets.

Buying wholesale crabs also supports an industry with a rich culture essential to the American way and promotes stronger economies and communities. Wholesalers also have a deeper knowledge of their product and can offer crucial recommendations or answer questions.

Plus, the supply chain is often shorter, which ensures optimum freshness, and local fishers also employ more sustainable practices to preserve the environment and avoid overfishing populations.

If you are interested in more benefits of purchasing wholesale crabs in Louisiana, at Tommy’s Seafood, we have the answers and wholesale products for you.

Tips on buying wholesale

When buying wholesale crabs in Louisiana, it’s important to consider a few things.

Firstly, it’s imperative to ensure you and your staff have the right tools and knowledge for storage and preparation, especially before commercial use. Also, choose wholesale crab suppliers with the freshest seafood and shortest travel times.

Moreover, if this is your first time including seafood on your menu, try starting with just one or two options to determine how much you want to sell in your restaurant and try to purchase crabs during the peak of the harvest season.

We also recommend buying what you will use within two to three months of purchasing them. Keeping crab longer than four months in the freezer can affect its taste.

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