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Deep Dive Into The Products Of Tommy's Seafood, Inc.
April 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Wild American Seafood - Tommy's Seafood, Inc.

Are you look for a sustainable fish farmer who can provide you with incredibly fresh seafood? If so, Tommy’s Seafood is just the place for you. We’re located in New Orleans, LA, and have access to some of the world’s freshest seafood. With a wide range of offerings, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

We harvest our seafood from Lake Pontchartrain, Bayou Bienvenue, and the Mississippi River to provide our customers with the best-of-the-best. We specialize in providing you with wild-caught, sustainable seafood that satisfies your craving. Our seafood is a great complimentary dish, but you’ll find that you’ll want enough to have as an entire meal — it’s that good!

When you purchase from us, you can rest assured that we take great pride in our offerings — seafood is a way of life and we love to use what Mother Nature provides us with. Seafood isn’t just another job, it’s a way of life, and we hope that you enjoy sharing our pride and joy with us.

Read on to learn more about the seafood products that we offer at Tommy’s. You won’t be disappointed with our selection! 

Seafood offerings

When it comes to fresh seafood, we’ve got you covered. Shopping at sustainable seafoodfarmers like Tommy’s Seafood isn’t only good for you, it also hugely benefits companies like us who work tirelessly to supply our customers with nutrient-rich products from American waters. Whether you like to create your own homemade seafood boil or stir up a pot of gumbo, you’re sure to find the seafood you need.

Wild Caught Shrimp

What’s a seafood spread without some wild caught shrimp? Ours range in size from 9/12 to 150/200 to accommodate any need. We harvest white shrimp and brown shrimp and offer them in many styles. Enjoy head-on, headless, EZ-PEEL, peeled, and even peeled and deveined. You can purchase them frozen, raw, ready-to-cook, or ready-to-eat. Whichever way you choose, you’re sure to love Tommy’s fresh caught shrimp.

Blue Crab

An East Coast favorite, our blue crab is offered live and whole frozen (cooked and raw). If you’re not interested in the process of cleaning your crabs before eating them, you’ll love our cleaned option. Try eating these alongside corn on the cob, with french fries, or just on their own. The sweet taste will impress you! Some consumers prefer this sweet crab with a side of butter, but their delicious taste doesn’t require any accompaniments!


A wonderful add-on to any seafood dinner, our oysters are a delicacy. Enjoy our oysters in the shell or freshly shucked — whatever you prefer. They go wonderfully with a surf-and-turf meal or on their own. Although they’re an acquired taste, when you tase Tommy’s oysters, there’s no turning back.


A New Orleans staple, you can’t get crawfish any fresher than you can from Tommy’s. Our crawfish come straight from the Mississippi River to your plate, and are offered live, pre-cooked, and cleaned. Enjoy these guys alongside your seafood meal, in gumbo, or as a meal!

Interested in world-class seafood from Tommy’s?

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some of the best seafood around, Tommy’s Seafood is here for you. We’re located on 148 Harbor Circle, New Orleans, Louisiana, and you can contact us at 504-271-9735.

We can’t wait to show you what fresh-caught, sustainable seafood tastes like. We know you’ll be back for more!