5 Thanksgiving recipes using sustainable seafood brands

October 6, 2020 at 7:00 AM
Thanksgiving meal featuring dishes made with sustainable seafood brands

Thanksgiving is just over the horizon, so if you’re in charge of bringing in a dish to your next holiday party, you’ll want to start thinking about your options now.

If you want to make a splash at this year’s Thanksgiving gathering, what better way to do so with a seafood dish?

And if you’re looking for a sustainable way to bring the flavors of the ocean to your dinner table, all you need to do is source your seafood from a sustainable seafood brand like Tommy’s. Here are five recipes using sustainable seafood brands to turn any Thanksgiving dinner into a seafood lover’s paradise!

1. Savannah seafood stuffing

Let’s be honest: No one ever really goes for traditional stuffing at Thanksgiving. But this year will be different, when you make this stuffing loaded with crab and shrimp. You may not want to put this stuffing into the turkey, however, as the fishy taste may not go well with the flavors of your holiday bird.

2. Lobster mac and cheese with cheddar and Gruyère

Mac and cheese is another tried-and-true favorite, and this indulgent variation elevates it with buttery lobster and Gruyère cheese. You’ll want to get a heaping first helping when Thanksgiving arrives, because this dish will be a guaranteed hit.

3. Stir-fried green beans with shrimp and garlic

Thanksgiving dinner just wouldn’t be the same without a side of green beans. This recipe brings a hint of the East to your dinner table with shrimp, garlic, and fish sauce — but it’s a trip that your family will be glad to take.

4. Easy clambake recipe

If the “clambake” in the title didn’t grab you, the “easy” part definitely will. This easy-to-prep dish featuring mussels, clams, and shrimp only takes about half an hour to complete, giving you extra time to take care of other things on Thanksgiving Day. You’re welcome!

5. Cream of crab soup

Another deceptively-simple dish, this soup will have guests begging you for the recipe after the first bite. Although this version only takes about 20 minutes to make if you go with lump crabmeat, you can also shell the crab yourself and make crab stock for an even more luxurious soup.

Why should you choose sustainable seafood brands over other options?

When you buy from a sustainable seafood brand, you get the full benefits of seafood. Their offerings are sources with care and an intimate knowledge of local seafood populations, so they’re less likely to carry the toxins and chemicals found in shellfish sourced using unsustainable practices.

Shopping from sustainable seafood brands also ensures that you support fishermen that use sustainable fishing practices, which ensure the protection of the current shellfish population and the marine environment overall.

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